For all the awesomeness that the HTC One X is bringing to the Android table, AT&T sure likes to a ruin the vibe by adding a few unnecessary touches to the phone.

For instance, though it wasn’t explicitly admitted, HTC’s decision to hold back the release of an official bootloader unlocking tool for the One X reeked of AT&T’s intervention. And on top of the bloatware and locking, AT&T is clamping down on the use of tethering for those who don’t have a tethering plan.  Fortunately, help is coming from the devs and modders at XDA-developers.

A senior member of XDA, t0mmy, has devised a tool that allows you to enable HTC One X’s stock WiFi hotspot app, with the only requirement being you have to run AT&T’s or Rogers’ stock ROM — or possibly any other ROM that doesn’t have the fix yet. All you have to do is plug your phone to the computer, download the provided file, unzip, and run it — it’s a .bat file by the way, sorry non-Windows users – and follow the instructions.

This one-click tethering solution has been tested and is known to work for both WiFi and USB tethering. While the solution lessens the burden of paying a $50 monthly data plan for tethering, note that AT&T can still figure out that you’re doing it without paying the extra bucks.

If you still want to give it a go, despite the possible consequences, check out the thread right here for detailed instructions.

Bams Sadewo
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