Like the headline says, a full three months after the phone was released in the country, HTC has finally made the kernel source for the HTC One X on AT&T available to download.

Now, if you’re a regular user who likes your HTC One X and all its Sense as it is – then it may not be such a big deal. But for folks who frequent forums and websites where modders and tweakers usually lurk about, you’ll definitely see the profound effect the released kernel source has. We’re talking about pants wetting level of excitement here.

As we speak, devs are already cooking up some sauce to update their modded ROMs and whatnot for the HTC One X. With the availability of the kernel source, it just opens up a whole new possibility for the phone, which was previously unattainable.

HTC One X owners can sit tight and enjoy the next few weeks – days even – as they await some awesome stuff being released by the cool hands of developers. A couple of hours in and already we’re seeing a USB OTG solution created for the One X.

If you’re keen on downloading the source code, it’s now up on HTCDev website. Be sure to stay tuned to AA for future mods and How To’s on the AT&T variant of HTC One X.

Bams Sadewo
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