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AT&T's Daybreak webseries marks a new age for branded content

June 5, 2012
While smartphone advertising has definitely got its share of bad apples (no pun intended this time) in the past, the occasional interesting campaigns rear their beautiful head here and there. On a personal level, I believe Sprint’s involvement with Fringe is one the best examples on how to promote technology these days. As it turns out, I may not be the only one who shares this point of view, as AT&T has just released the first episode of Daybreak, an online show that marks a new age for branded content.

Daybreak is produced by Tim Kring (the guy behind hugely popular shows such as Touch and Heroes) and directed by Jon Cassar (best known for directing 24). The web series is in many ways similar to the Bourne series, although there are some who notice Fringe elements sparkled in various places. The show (“airing” on the official Daybreak website, Youtube, and Hulu each Thursday) will span five episodes, each one 10 minutes in length, and will depict the story of Ben Wilkens, an everyman that must overthrow a powerful global conspiracy in order to make sure that humanity will take the next evolutionary step. Sounds interesting, right?

Catch the first chapter below, then make sure to let us know what you guys think about AT&T’s campaign in the comment section below!