Last month, AT&T revealed the first details about its upcoming shared data plans, stating that the new pricing scheme will come into effect by the end of August. Now the carrier has announced that the Mobile Share plans will become available to customers starting August 23.

AT&T’s Mobile Share plans (just like Verizon’s similar Share Everything offer) will allow customers to use one pool of minutes, text, and data on up to 10 devices, of which one must be a smartphone. One important difference between the shared plans of America’s two largest carriers is the fact that AT&T won’t force anyone to move to the new shared plans, as Big Red practically does.

Both new and existing clients of AT&T will be able to opt between the classic plans and the new Mobile Share plan. This is great news for the average consumer, considering that the new plans are beneficial only to certain categories of users. For instance, most individual customers (one smartphone per contract) would shell out more money if they would switch to the new Mobile Share plans.

Starting August 23, you will be able to get unlimited minutes and text, and a certain number of gigabytes of data traffic, depending on your option. For more details about the tiered pricing scheme, including an example, check our report here.

Will you make the jump to Mobile Share? Or do you prefer another carrier and/or mobile plan?