We suspect many, if not all of the readers are well aware of the popularity of the Nexus 7. Not to mention the Transformer tablet lineup from Asus. But what many come as a bit of a surprise — Asustek has seen a rather significant increase in year-over-year net profit growth. A growth that the company is saying is in part due to strong tablet sales.

In fact, Asus noted that tablet shipments have almost tripled, going from 800,000 up to nearly 2.3 million. As a result, the company has recorded a 43 percent increase in net profits. Or in terms of dollars, $230 million as compared to $160 million from this time last year. The increase is based on the results from Q3 2011 and this quarter, Q3 2012. This is the largest quarterly profit increase from the company in more than four years.

Of course, while Android fans would probably like to think that the increase was based solely on Android tablet sales, the company also had an increase in notebook PC shipments to thank. Those notebook PC shipments — during the third quarter they were up 14 percent from the second quarter, up to five million units

Getting into some of the other numbers, Asus also recorded NT$1.18 billion in one-time foreign-exchange translation gains in the third quarter. That is compared with NT$75 million in losses from this time last year. Finally, revenue was up 9 percent, going from NT$102.04 billion up to NT$111.44 billion.

Robert Nelson
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