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Every manufacturer is working on sending out patches for the Stagefright vulnerability, but so far everything we have seen is very much focused on that specific issue. ASUS is not wasting time as they release the patch update for the ZenFone 2, along with plenty of other improvements.

The latest update takes the software to version Aside from adding the Stagefright patch, ASUS introduces a bevy of new features with this update. Here are some of them.

ASUS Zenfone 2-19

New features

  • Add Hands up
    • As phone is ringing, hold phone in portrait mode and lift to touch the ear to answer the phone.
  • Added Mobile Manager app which has six major functions:
    • Data usage: Controls the apps’ data usage
    • Notifications: Manages annoying notifications
    • Auto-start Manager: Manages auto-start apps running in the background
    • Boost: Boosts memory
    • Power Saver: Provides various battery modes to extend the battery life
    • Virus Scanner: Scans virus and malwares
  • Add Flip cover function
    • Add new Clock theme
    • Add VIP icon in Clock view for SMS/email/missed call
    • Add timer reminder
    • Add charging reminder
  • Add Cover View function
    • New clock theme
    • Allows detail checking of everyday events in Calendar view
    • Supports Spotify on Music app
ASUS Zenfone 2-2

In addition, the manufacturer has included a very long list of bug fixes and optimizations. These include improvements to the UI, launcher, WiFi, camera, and many other elements. You can always refer to ASUS’ official release note to catch all the details.

The update is available to ZenFone users now, so go ahead and check your settings if a notification hasn’t graced your screen yet. Have any of you gotten this update yet? How is it treating you?

ASUS Zenfone 2-15