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Asus contemplating foray into wearable devices, chairman says

Asus is interested in pursuing wearable devices, according to what company chairman Jonney Shih has said to reporters at the company's annual meeting with shareholders.
June 18, 2013
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Answering questions from journalists during Asus’s annual meeting with shareholders, chairman Jonney Shih revealed that meetings have been held by the company’s research labs in order to talk about developing wearable devices, seen by Asus as a critical sector for innovation.

Shih also added that it’s important to figure out how to be in the winner’s seat when such devices, such as Google Glass or Apple’s planned iWatch, will become commonplace, mainstream products (but he’s surely not the only one thinking about that), which he predicted they will, as more bio technology is mixed with computer technology.

Shih has added that he sees even more possibilities of evolution for such devices, as they integrate voice control (which, as you know, Google Glass does) and flexible displays. The integration of flexible displays into products seems to be an important thing on other device manufacturers’ agendas as well (such as Samsung and LG), even if plans seems to have suffered delays.

That’s as far as Shih went with providing information regarding his company’s wearable devices plans, but he did mention that “many simulation tests” have been run in the company’s labs, as Asus is trying to figure out ways to bring more value to customers with such products.

Since nothing has been actually said regarding what exactly those products will be, we can only hope that Asus gives out more details soon enough. Fact is that Google Glass seems to have opened a segment of the market that could be very important in the future.

What do you think Asus is planning in the field of wearable devices? Will it be a smartwatch (a product Google is said to be preparing, too) or will it be a Google Glass competitor?