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Asus hints at new Transformer device in "We Transform" Computex teaser video

Asus has posted the first of a series of five trailers for its Computex event under the slogan "We Transform". But what could the company be planning?
May 9, 2013
Asus Transformer

A new Asus Transformer device is what Asus seems to hint at in the first of a series of five video trailers for its Computex event on June 6.

The conclusion is a pretty easy one to draw, since the company has written the slogan “We Transform” at the top of the page promoting the event. This is the same page that also includes spots for four additional trailers, which we’ll presumably see soon enough.

The trailer, which you can watch below, is basically an ode to the company’s innovation abilities, showcasing products like the Zenbook, Transformer Book, Fonepad or its Transformer tablets.

An interesting thing to notice (which Engadget has noticed, too) is that, around the 0:32 mark, a tablet-like device with a stylus makes an appearance (see screenshot below). Could Asus be hinting at something there? Maybe an Asus tablet with more stylus-oriented features, or even a competitor to Samsung’s next Galaxy Note device, also said to be coming soon? Only the company itself can know that.

asus transformer

The Transformer range started in 2011, with the TF-101, and its most current iteration is the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity. While it’s pretty safe to assume that a slogan like “We Transform” can only refer to a new member of the Asus Transformer range, the trailer leaves quite a lot to the imagination as to what Asus may have in store for us.

On the other hand, there have been rumors of two new Transformer tablets, as hinted by data coming from a Russian certification institute: the TF302T (Wi-Fi-only) and the TF302TG (Wi-Fi and 3G). There were also mentions of a Wi-Fi-only TF501T and a TF501TG, also having 3G connectivity, although nothing other than the names are talked about.

Hopefully, Asus will make things a little clearer in the next few videos, although the company probably won’t want to totally ruin the surprise for the event.

What do you think Asus will unveil at Computex?