On a tablet or smartphone, what’s more important than the display you look at and interact with? Very little, arguably. Of course, all things have to work magically, in concert, to achieve a desired experience. Still, screens are what you look at, and as such, are of paramount importance. The world’s first Android Honeycomb tablet, the Motorola Xoom, was released to great fanfare, and sales didn’t take off. Was it the outrageous initial price tag? Was it the beta-build of Honeycomb? Either way, the fine digital display mavens over at DisplayMate have done their due diligence, and have recently performed a thorough comparison of the displays on the Motorola Xoom and the Asus Eee Pad Transfomer, with some unexpected and interesting results. Who would have thought that cheaper could be better? Well, us for one. The Asus Transformer has been scrutinized next to the Motorola Xoom, and has revealed that, despite having a lower price tag, has a superior display to that of the Motorola Xoom.

Without question, the display on any tablet has the ability to make or break it. Just look at how Samsung’s flagship – the Galaxy S II is selling. It’s selling incredibly well because its a great phone, sure. But, it’s an amazing phone because it has what can arguably be called the best display on any phone – period. DisplayMate was very thorough in their tablet comparison, and proved that the Motorola Xoom, while more expensive, doesn’t hold a candle when compared next to the IPS display of the Asus Transformer, despite the Transformer’s more limited 18 bit color gamut.

For those techie folks out there, check out DisplayMate’s assessment. It’s very thorough, and a must read for anyone considering either one of these tablets.

Any thoughts, dear reader? Motorola has such a good reputation when it comes to choosing their displays. Where do you think they went wrong here?

Image Comparison Courtesy of DisplayMate.
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