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Like AOKP on the Asus Transformer TF101? Steer clear of Build 39 and 40!

June 27, 2012

Just a small bit of information today for you Asus Transformer (TF101) fans. If you like the AOKP ROM as much as I do and keep flashing every upgrade, don’t flash Build 39 or 40! Whilst other devices work perfectly fine with these build versions, the Transformer suffers from bugs in both builds.

Build 39 Issues

This build was catostrophic and wouldn’t even boot. While it was endlessly cycling in a boot loop, I realized I should probably have googled to see if there were any major problems with the ROM. Needless to say there were bug reports everywhere. A little lesson for all custom ROM users, always look up the ROM version before you flash it! Also, I am not in the habit of making NANDROID backups, although after this snafu I will certainly make an effort to do so.

There was a patched version of Build 39 going around on RootzWiki and XDA, but that is outdated now by Build 40.

Build 40 Issues

This build gives us a lovely taste of what is soon to come in AOKP. The dock keyboard layout is configurable between languages, i.e switching between US and GB English. The “Themes” menu now has a lovely silver theme which you can switch to, and I hope many more will be added soon.

The ROM boots without issue and runs well, so what’s the problem? Well, Google Play doesn’t seem to get on with the ROM very well. When you attempt to download something from the Play Store the “Downloading…” progress bar just hangs. Even after a reboot and a clean cache it continues to do this. So, for pretty much everyone, the issue renders Build 40 useless.

(Please keep in mind that the AOKP team may have patched these problems after this article was published, so have a Google! It’s highly likely though that Build 41 or a patch will address this issue.)

Some positive points

Unfortunately, some bugs have slipped through here, but AOKP has a great track record, so no worries! If you are coming from an older or different ROM, Build 38 works fine. I can confirm that the irritating “everything you type is spelled incorrectly” bug is gone from builds 39 and 40, and, as I said, there are some great new features in there.

As an advice, be patient (unlike me!) and wait for a new build to “settle in” and bug reports start surfacing. Only then you can decide if a build is worth flashing.