BusinessInsider have gotten their hands on an Asus Transformer Prime and so far they are very impressed with how it looks, how thin it is and how fast it performs. They say that unlike other tablets out there who are made out of flimsy plastic, the Transformer is made out of solid aluminum, while being even thinner and lighter than an iPad 2, with a 8.3 mm (vs 8.8mm) thinness and 586g (vs 601g) weight.

Even though it still runs Honeycomb 3.2 (Android 4.0 update coming by the end of the year), they say the performance of the quad core Tegra 3 is very noticeable for all tasks, while the Tegra 3 optimized games look incredible on it. I’ve said it before that while the Apple A5 chip may win synthethic benchmark scores, that may not change real world performance much if the bottleneck is in memory bandwidth and other places, which makes the high score on some features mostly useless for game developers. Because not only if it’s fast GPU and its new features like dynamic lighting, but also of its quad core CPU, I have a feeling games would look significantly better than on any other chip on the market right now, including the A5.

But we’ll have plenty of time to evaluate this later. Until then, check out this wonderful Asus Transformer Prime pictures: