This is it folks, this is the Transformer Prime. No more computer renderings, or shots taken from afar, but a real legitimate production model, that slipped into the hands of a lucky blogger and folks, it looks simply stunning.

Boasting a form factor slimmer than the iPhone, the iPad, or even the Galaxy S2, the 8.3mm thin Transformer Prime has won the hearts and minds of geeks the world over. Packing some ridiculous raw horsepower, in the form of the 5 core Tegra 3, it also features an improved IPS + display that is alleged to be substantially improved over the original Transformer, which had one of the best displays on any tablet on the market in 2011.

Looks like the fatty iPhone could stand to lose a few pounds...

As for price, we know that Asus will be shipping it at with Wi-Fi for $499 (32 GB of storage) and $599 (64 GB). As for the keyboard, it will cost an additional $149.

Also, it’s important to note that the Transformer Prime will not be released with a 16GB version, but 32GB and 64GB accordingly. One little cool geek-tip is that this device will work with the new 64GB SDXC cards that are hitting the market,  meaning up to 128GB of data on the go, which should be more than enough for most folks. Additionally, there’s no word yet on a 3G or 4G variant, sadly. Manufacturers learned the hard way (from the lack of sales) with regards to producing 3G variants in the past, and are hesitant to take the plunge these days, it would seem.

And while the version leaked to the blogger was an engineering model, with some bugs still present in the software, we fully anticipate these to be resolved prior to launch. Asus has a long history of making things work in their hardware PC division, and have some of the most talented developers and coders in the industry. The Prime itself was running Android 3.2 , but Asus has publicly stated that the device will be receiving an OTA update to Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 shortly after launch.

Other important things to note is that the Transformer Prime will not function with the existing keyboard dock of the original Transformer.

Why this is a significant device


The Transformer Prime is the world’s first device to go to market with Tegra 3 on board, and with it, brings a substantial increase in performance, thanks to four active cores, and a companion fifth core, for less demanding tasks. The benchmarks of the Transformer Prime that have leaked so far are nothing short of absolutely stunning. Make no mistake folks, this is absolutely a next generation device.

Check out more info on Tegra 3 here

Furthermore, Ice Cream Sandwich has been coded from the ground up to offer true hardware acceleration, with everything displaying at 60 frames per second, offering unrivaled fluidity to enhance the user experience. While Android 3.2 Honeycomb will undoubtedly be a great experience due to the sheer power that Tegra 3 brings to the table, expect the update to Ice Cream Sandwich to bring with it a whole new level of usability,


The Transformer Prime will be the slimmest tablet on the market at 8.3mm thick, and boasts a brushed stainless steel exterior, and it looks absolutely stunning. The design itself, is clearly taking cues from the iPad 2, due to its black border, and the highly acclaimed Asus Zenbook Ultrabook. While those that have been fortunate enough to spend some time getting up close and personal have commented that it’s a finger print magnet, what high end device isn’t? We think it looks absolutely stunning.

The industry is all abuzz about this folks, and for good reason. The Asus Transformer Prime is likely to be one of the best selling Android tablets this holiday season, and beyond, in 2012. It’s significant because it boasts the latest, most cutting edge hardware on any mobile device, comes in a brilliant attractive design, and is packing serious productivity power via its optional keyboard dock. Make no mistake – this is not a toy, but potentially what so many have been waiting for; a notebook replacement with fantastic battery life, a great, responsive touch screen, and serious computing power for people on the move.

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Via: Ztop