It looks like Asus is gearing up to release two new members to the Asus Transformer Pad family, the TF103 and TF303. Although Asus has yet to officially announce either of these tablet/laptop hybrids, evidence of the upcoming devices comes to us from a design directory listing from Red Dot 21.

Aside from these alleged press images, not much is known about the upcoming tablets, other than Red Dot 21 describes them as “renovated from last generation”. Turning our attention to a report from Notebook Italia, however, we learn at least a few other possible details.

Reportedly, the TF303 will feature an Intel Bay Trail CPU, a full HD display, Android OS, and a “long battery life”. While no spec details are divulged for the TF103, it is believed to essentially have the same overall looks but with cheaper, less powerful specs.


Now that renders of the tablets have surfaced, it’s probably just a matter of time before an official announcement is made. Of course, it’s important to note that we really can’t confirm the existence of either tablets just yet, or the validity of the renders. Bottom-line, speculation is advised.

At least based on their outer-designs, what do you think of the aesthetics for the upcoming Transformer Pad models? Are you a fan of the Asus Transformer series in general?

Andrew Grush
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