Dearest tech hungry Canadian: you will have the privilege of being able to acquire what is looking like one of the best Android tablets of 2011 on April 26th!

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer has been called by many of the biggest tech sites “the best Honeycomb tablet yet”. While time will prove if these bold assertions are true, we are inclined to agree. There have been several comments here at Android Authority that the Acer Iconia A500 has a superior offering simply by virtue of the fact that it has a full-sized USB port on the tablet itself, whereas the Transformer does not. Either way, the Transformer features a color popping and wonderfully appointed IPS Display, and is one of the most responsive Honeycomb devices out to date.

You will be able to get your sweaty palms on one of them at one of these locations, Canada wide apparently:

  • Canada Computers
  • Memory Express
  • NCIX
  • Staples CA
  • Visions

While we don”t have any idea on the number of devices available on the Canadian market, this tablet is, in many ways, still under the radar so i’m sure if you pay a preemptive visit to either Visions or Staples, that you will be able to ensure you get one on launch day! The Asus Eee Pad Transformer sold out within a matter of days in the UK, and we expect it to be the same in Canada and the US. Good luck and let us know if you manage to get one!

[via facebook/asus]


Darcy LaCouvee
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