Asus’ Transformer tablet was one of the first tablets of the tablet boom and it has managed to hold its own. That’s quite an achievement considering the era was dominated by the iPad. First appearing with the Android Honeycomb installation, the Transformer also went up against Motorola’s Xoom and Toshiba’s Thrive and managed to carve out its own niche in the marketplace.

Considering its service record one would expect that Asus would finally deign to update the Transformer to Ice Cream Sandwich, the Android OS’ latest version. Unfortunately, users will have to keep waiting got it – but there is an update coming.

Asus has just released the 3.2.1 firmware for the Transformer tablet – note, this update is meant only for the Transformer and not its follow-up the Transformer Prime. This update should update the Transformer build version to and updates all devices to Honeycomb 3.2.1. This means a whole lot of improvements, like improved Flash and a better interface. A big plus is the improved WiFi stability – which greatly improves the device’s use as a mobile browsing platform.

It may not exactly be the Ice Cream Sandwich update that everyone has been waiting for but it does deliver better functionality for the Transformer. Also,  rumor has it this is the last update before Ice Cream Sandwich gets uploaded.

This update is a global one, so if any user wants to partake of the update, it’s a simple matter of going to the tablet’s options and hitting the online update button. If it’s available in the region, it should start automatically. As of now, confirmed updates have been reported by users in United States, United Kingdom, Taiwan and Germany.

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