asus qube google tv

The rumored Google TV set-top box from Asus finally made a showing at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. Dubbed as the Asus Qube, not only does the name refer to its shape, but also to the cube-inspired UI.

When the Qube was unveiled yesterday, Asus has left out some important details from the press release, such as its pricing and availability. We know that some of you were hoping that the device will hit the market for less than $100, but it looks like that it’s not going to be the case.


According to an Asus official who spoke to The Verge, the Qube will be priced at around $150. The good news is the same source has confirmed that the set-top-box will be available in the first quarter of the year.

There are cheaper Google TV solutions out there, such as the Vizio Co-Star or the newly released Netgear NeoTV Prime, but then again the Asus Qube offers something that they don’t have: motion sensing control for gaming and other applications thanks to its Nexus-inspired remote control.

Are you still interested?