It’s probably safe to say that the Nexus Q, that overpriced entertainment Android-based device unveiled at Google I/O this summer although never actually launched in the months that followed, is not one of Google’s finest creations, especially considering that it somewhat represented a Google TV rival.

But now it looks like Asus has been working on an entertainment called the Asus Qube, which would work with a Google TV Dongle. The latter has already been spotted with the FCC according to The Verge. The publication says that the Qube will apparently be part of Google’s Nexus family, potentially replacing the Nexus Q.

The Google TV Dongle described in the FCC filings would connect to the Qube over USB, and while details aren’t clear yet, Google may be trying to combine the best of both worlds, Android and Google TV, to offer buyers a new entertainment device.

In addition to Wi-Fi and RF support (for wireless accessories) for the Google TV Dongle, which will apparently work only with the Qube, two apps have already been spotted in the Google Play Store, apps that seem to have been designed especially for the Qube. These are O!Mobile Remote and O!Mobile Control Center.

The Qube is set to be launched in January, at which point the Google TV Dongle should also become official. But we’ll certainly keep you updated, as nothing is officially official yet.