Asus might have not hit a home-run from its first attempt at a “3-in-1” Android device, but the Padfone has managed to intrigue many tech enthusiasts, who are all wondering “what if”. Millions of fingers are now crossed for the success of the Padfone 2, so it’s only natural for the hype to be growing as we get near the new hybrid’s unveiling.

The spec sheet doesn’t seem to hold many surprises after an avalanche of rumors and leaks, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited upon hearing new juicy details about the Padfone 2. Especially when they come in threes, as is the case today.

First, it seems that the October 16 unveiling event scheduled to take place in Milan, Italy, will be live streamed on YouTube starting at 11 AM local time (5 AM EDT). This is excellent news not only because the entire world will get the opportunity to see the Padfone 2 in all its splendor on a very accessible channel, but also because we’re counting on Jonney Shih, Asus’s CEO, to make the event a very special and enjoyable one.

At least we’re hoping to see Shih in Italy, because we know that Asus is planning to reveal the is-it-a-phone-no-it’s-a-tablet-no-it’s-a-mini-laptop device simultaneously in Milan and Taipei, and it would be a real shame for the event starring the company’s CEO to not be the one live streamed online.

The second and even more exciting news about the Padfone 2 comes from Asus Italy, which has confirmed on Facebook that “the product will be immediately after unveiling available for sale”. That should mean the actual release will happen by the end of October, although the same zealous Asus official did mention that “people will certainly not have to wait for months”. Technically, that could still imply a November launch, couldn’t it?

It’s also unclear whether we’re talking about an Italian, European or global release here, although the first two scenarios sound much more plausible.

Lastly, we have an interesting teaser image announcing the live streaming of the October 16 event that we can use to make out a few things about the upcoming Padfone Station. We’ve suspected for a while that Asus is planning to come out with a slightly redesigned Padfone 2, and now we have some proof that the tablet part of the combo will in fact look different.

We’re clearly seeing some curves there that weren’t present in the first gen Padfone Station, and, while it’s a bit too early to talk about this, the overall design should be much more refined and stylish. As for the color scheme, we don’t expect any major changes, so we should again see an all-black body with aluminum inserts.

Seven days. That’s all that is left before the official presentation of the Asus Padfone 2. Can you feel the excitement? Could this be the revolutionary device that we’ve dreamed about for so long? Could it change the way we look at tech products altogether? Or will it be another swing and a miss from Asus?