Asus Padfone and Padfone 2 updates are available on the Asus website, moving the Padfone to Jelly Bean and bringing some improvements to the Padfone 2.

As you may remember, Asus has upgraded the Padfone 2 to Jelly Bean in January. Now it’s the first Padfone’s turn, and it is getting an upgrade to Android 4.1.1. Also improved through this update, code named V10.2.1.9 and available in two versions, one for China and one for the rest of the world, are the dictionary, camera, scrapbook, the File Manager app and a volume key problem. The update notes also mention that SD cards formatted in NTFS and EX Fat are now supported.

As far as the Padfone 2 is concerned, the latest update (V10.4.12.24) also brings some interesting improvements to the table – the station, as well as the WiFi connection’s performance and stability have been improved, and the camera gets better HDR and brightness control features.

Also improved are things like the Weather Time widget, email editing, the contacts app, and the battery widget, while Asus Studio now has NFC file sharing, and photo album software Asus Story has been added.

Are you a Padfone or Padfone 2 user? Have you already updated?

Via: Android Police

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