Though we are only a couple of hours after the Padfone 2’s official unveiling in Taiwan, it’s pretty clear that Asus prepared ahead with much diligence, so we aren’t at all surprised at the amount of info and marketing materials coming from left and right.

We already heard about the new 2-in-1 hybrid’s spec sheet, pricing and availability and we also saw the Padfone 2 showing off its sexy body in a bunch of official press photos. Some of you might have been ready to call it a day, but we knew better, so we kept a close eye on Asus’s official YouTube channel.

Right on schedule, the first three promotional video clips came, detailing the manufacturing process of the Padfone 2 and recapping its specs. We can’t say the videos are very spectacular, but they’re well-crafted and smart enough to peak our attention while leaving a few things to mystery.

The “behind the scenes” clip is the longest, but manages to not bore the audience despite the pretty annoying insistence on the intuitiveness of the new phone-tablet combo. We get it, Asus, it’s intuitive, you don’t have to repeat it that many times.

Pete Lin, the product’s lead designer, takes us on a journey from Padfone 2 concept to reality with a clear focus on the design points that set this apart from the first Padfone. We’ve seen plenty of photos already with the new hybrid, but after checking out the clip I have to say – this looks really cool and much better than the first.

The “demo video” and the “it’s intuitive” clip (which is probably a TV commercial) insist more on numbers and specs, but they’re still worth a quick glance. Or, if you prefer, you can get a recap of the features in text mode here.

One thing that none of these clips show off and that is yet to be announced by Asus is the Padfone 2’s third piece of the 3-in-1 puzzle, the keyboard dock. Still, we doubt such an accessory won’t be made available at all for the new hybrid, so we should hear something on that front sooner or later.

Do these promo videos make you want the Padfone 2 more than before? Less? Not at all?