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Leak suggests ASUS Padfone 2 is in the works

May 12, 2012
ASUS Padfone

With the excitement over the Samsung Galaxy S3 dying down (or is it?), it is once again time to look forward to the next device to create waves in the Android device world.

While the Samsung Galaxy Note has been dubbed a “phablet” due to it’s large tablet-like screen size and phone capabilities, the ASUS Padfone is in a class of its own. The Padfone features an Android smartphone that docks into a tablet shell, which then functions as a tablet. This setup can further be connected to a keyboard dock, to work as a laptop. And it has a stylus too. In which you can talk!

The ASUS Padfone has not yet been released worldwide, with rumors suggesting that the delayed shipping is caused by the Qualcomm/TSMC Snapdragon S4 production problems. Not unlike a movie studio announcing the sequel before the first flick is even released, it appears that ASUS is hard at work to deliver the sequel to the Padfone, called, gasp, the Padfone 2.

The leak that outed the Padfone 2 comes in the form of a slide, supposedly part of a strategy debriefing for ASUS employees. The presentation talks about a 4G LTE Padfone device that could arrive as soon as this fall. Also discussed in the briefing is ASUS’ “Happiness 2.0” campaign, which will focus on:

  • ASUS cloud integration
  • New audio technology
  • Greater mobility
  • Improved design

The leak also reveals ASUS’ plans to  match or even improve upon its impressive first quarter results . The target sales and projected shippments can be seen on the slide above. We found out a while ago that ASUS has big plans for its tablet lineup in 2012, and this new leak seems to corroborate with earlier rumors.

With the “original” Padfone not yet available in most markets (you can get in Taiwan, though), I think it is too soon to start talking about a sequel, and a fall release seems simply unrealistic. Of course, no information on the specs of the device are available, so we could be looking at an US release of the Padfone with LTE capabilities, a la HTC One X (different international and US version).

While the concept of a phone-is-a-tablet-is-a-laptop is quite innovative, the hefty price tag associated with the device is a turn off for a lot of users. Similar to the movies, all we can do is wait and see if the first part is any good, and then make a call on the sequel.

What are your thoughts? Too soon for Padfone 2 or will it release at just the right time? Are there any movie sequels that you liked more than the first part? Let us know in the comments section below.