Google is rumored to announce its first Android tablet in a few weeks, at its annual Google I/O conference. The 7-inch device, meant to be an affordable direct Amazon Kindle Fire competitor, is going to be manufactured by Asus, and we have further proof that supports such rumors.

Two pictures that have been taken with an Asus Nexus 7 have been discovered on Picasa, and we’re actually not surprised to this happen. We’ve previous seen other Android devices confirmed well ahead of their scheduled announcements thanks to EXIF data taken from Picasa.

According to the EXIF data available, the two images, that have been uploaded to Picasa Web Albums on June 7 and June 13 from Google Building 44 by the same user, have a 1280 x 960 resolution. That resolution suggests we’re looking at images that may have been taken with a front-facing camera, but at the same time, the pictures may have been scaled down before being uploaded to Picasa – one of the images is available below:

While such EXIF data can be faked, The Verge notices that the same user that has uploaded the images appears to have various Google+ connection with several people “affiliated with Google,” which give plenty of credibility to the data obtained from Picasa.

This isn’t the first time that a Nexus 7 tablet has been spotted in leaks, and this may very well be the name of Google’s first Android tablet. We’ll have more details for you about this upcoming tablet in the following weeks, as we get closer to its official announcement.

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