Blurrycam, while based in China, was able to capture what might be Asus’s latest Android tablet, the TF300T.

With the release of the new tablet, Asus hopes to conquer the tablet world—fighting against the flagship Android tablets, the Motorola Xoom and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Ever since Asus’ original TF101 Transformer was able to receive excellent reviews and impressive sales, the company has been making heads turn. Not to mention, their Transformer Prime and PadFone are some impressive tablets. These are pretty obvious signs that Asus has no plans of slowing down in impressing the tablet market anytime soon.

The TF300T

With regard to the new device, the TF300T, the design bears the classic Asus appeal, which has been pretty consistent with the previous models. The biggest difference is that the new model has a striking red rear which will surely receive lots of feedback when it’s finally out in the market.

As of this writing, hardware specs of the device have not yet been disclosed. As soon as these are ready, we’ll be sure to update you, our dear reader.

Also, we’re not quite sure that these photos are authentic. Either way, we’re hoping to get more information pretty soon. What do you think? Do these photos look real to you?

Christine Torralba
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