Asus is already doing very well in the budget-friendly 7-inch tablet market, courtesy of the massive Nexus 7 box-office hit. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t enough of the pie left for another of the company’s slates.

The MeMo Pad Me172V, known simply as the MeMo Pad 7, is not exactly an N7 rival, having a clearly inferior spec sheet. But what this fellow lacks in speed it compensates with budget consciousness, being even cheaper than the Nexus.

And after making a few waves in Europe, the MeMo Pad 7 is finally ready to take America by storm. Amazon and GameStop are the first two US retailers to offer the 7-incher for sale, at an identical $149.99.

That’s for the 16 GB model of the tab, mind you, and not for the 8 GB variant that for some reason is yet to debut on the old continent and in the States. We know, it’s not easy to make do with just 8 gigs of storage, but this baby comes with microSD support (unlike the N7). So, if Asus were to price that at, say, $110, we reckon you’d be all over it, wouldn’t you?


But back to the 16 GB MeMo Pad for now. This is available in three different color options – classic grey, stylish white and snazzy pink. The specs are naturally all the same, but do bear in mind this is no powerhouse.

The 7-inch LCD screen boasts a sub-par 1,024 x 600 pixels resolution, the 1 GHz VIA WM8950 CPU is bound to lag from time to time, while the design is very similar to that of the N7, only a little less elegant. The tab weighs in at 370 grams and measures 11.2 mm thick, which is 30 grams heavier and 0.7 mm thicker than the higher-end Asus slate.

It’s not all bad for the MeMo Pad 7 though, as there’s on-board Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, a nice 1 gig of RAM, a decent 4,270 mAh battery, a 1 MP cam on the front, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB.

Bottom line, if you can afford the N7 you shouldn’t give the MeMo a second thought, but if you don’t this new guy might just top your shopping list. That’s our two cents at least, but feel free to agree or disagree with our view in the comments section below.