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Asus plans notebooks with integrated projectors. Are tablets next?

May 23, 2012
We’ve been talking here on Android Authority about how much we’d like to see smartphones and tablets featuring projectors for years (literally!), but unfortunately the technology advancements in this area have been very slow.

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Beam smartphone with a built-in nHD projector back in February, but the Gingerbread-running little guy has yet to see the light of day and still doesn’t have an official release date or a price tag attached to its name. Other than that, things are very dark for all of us who’ve been hoping to have a bunch of gadgets with built-in powerful projectors already at our disposal. It seems as if the rumor mill has been on high alert without any substantiation to back it up.

On that note, a rumor is going to be the subject of this post as well, but fortunately this does have some credibility to it, as it’s based on some leaked patents. Asus apparently filed a couple of patents for some notebooks with integrated projectors over a year ago. This is a great piece of information recently unraveled by the guys at

If they ever become manufactured and sold, the laptops could integrate the projectors into two different ways. First off, the projector could be built into the hinge connecting the notebook display to the base of the computer. The projector’s lens should face outwards from the side of the laptop in this specific design, allowing you to open up the display at an angle of up to 270 degrees, stand up the laptop like a triangle, and point its side at a screen to display your videos or presentations of choice.

The second design looks more straightforward, but less ambitious and is easier to grasp for a non-technical user. As you can see from the image below, the projector is simply attached to the notebook’s side and looks easy to detach as well, when not in use.

The patents, likely a ways off from becoming reality, gives us hope for progress in this market niche, both for laptops and for tablets. I mean, if such technology could be implemented to notebooks, why shouldn’t slates be up next? After all, they are more portable and Samsung’s Galaxy Beam has already proven that it’s possible to cram a powerful projector into an even tinier device than an Android-based tablet.

If you remember, MSI showcased a long, long time ago a tablet concept with an integrated projector at the CES 2011, so it’s obvious that the technology is there and the big companies need to just step it up and get down to work. Are you listening, Asus? We want notebooks and tablets with integrated projectors and we want them yesterday!

How about you, guys? Would you fancy a 7-inch Android tablet, for example, with a built-in projector allowing you to set up work presentations with no hassle. Would you share your family photos on a big screen in an instant? Would any of the two notebooks supposedly prepared by Asus interest you? How about the Galaxy Beam smartphone, are you waiting with impatience for it to be released?