Wasn’t there enough upset people with the news of the Motorola Droid RAZR having a locked bootloader that ASUS had to go and follow Motorola’s footsteps and do it with their Transformer Prime? Some XDA Developers are asking for a nuisance campaign after discovering the very much anticipated Transformer Prime tablet comes with a bootloader locked with 128-bit encryption, making custom Kernels and most community based and built ROM’s impossible to run on this advanced quad core tablet.

We love some Transformer Prime goodness just as much as anyone else out there, but a locked bootloader, seriously? I thought Android was all about openness? I guess ASUS and their Transformer Prime engineering team didn’t get that memo. For someone like me, who loves to flash new ROM’s almost daily, a locked bootloader is a deal breaker for any Android device.

The primary concern from XDA forums’ posters is that they weren’t notified about the locked bootloader or the excessive security before purchase. While that’s not something that goes on the box in most cases it is a little disheartening that we’re hearing about this now, especially since the original Eee Pad Transformer is such a mod-friendly tablet, and this tablet is the successor to the original Transformer. HTC gave its customers what they wanted when they called for a bootloader unlock program – Asus could win some serious customer loyalty if they did the same.

Are you upset by this news? Is it going to keep you from purchasing a Transformer Prime?