The Asus Eee Pad Transformer is an Android tablet that has potential and awesomeness written all over it. We know it’s already been rooted, has awesome battery life, and has full sized USB ports when plugged into the keyboard dock.

This opens so many new gaming possibilities, that it almost boggles the mind. With this Android Tablet you can simply plug it into any display via its HDMI-out, connect any XBox or PS3 gamepad in and get your game on! Sure, the graphics aren’t going to be at the same level as your PS3 or Xbox, or even your PC (assuming its well endowed with half decent, modern hardware), but fear not friend, because with Tegra 3 on the horizon it’s only a matter of time – 4-6 months to be exact.

While Bluetooth interfacing doesn’t currently work, USB connections do! All you need is any Android tablet, and the Android 3.1 update. Then, you’re away to the races!

The best part is that it requires no mods, no tinkering, no coding – none of it! It’s a piece of cake, and you shouldn’t have too much difficulty getting things going. In all honesty, you could turn your Android tablet into a mobile gaming powerhouse, packed with the greatest games of yesteryear, deploy it at a friends house and really rock the party. Poor iPad owners, left out in their cold, lonely, walled garden.


As the Asus Eee Pad Transformer has already received the Android 3.1 update, with all of the awesomeness that it brings, you should be able to get this working. Google is unfortunately actively removing emulators from the marketplace,  but they won’t be able to keep the open source community down forever.

Think of the possibilities people!

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Image Credit: Engadget

Darcy LaCouvee
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