Asus Cube Google TV

Asus Cube (previously known as Qube), is now finally available to buy online, at a pretty reasonable price of $139, although only Amazon will deliver it immediately.

Asus has listed three retailers on its dedicated Asus Cube page including Amazon, Adorama and Newegg, the latter having already started the pre-order process for the Google TV device a little while ago.

While all of the three retailers are listing the device for a price of $139.99, only Amazon has the Asus Cube (or Asus Qube, if you like that name better) as actually being “in stock” and, therefore, deliverable right now, at the moment this article was written.

Adorama simply says that the product is out of stock, but can be ordered and will be delivered when it gets it (with your card only charged then). Newegg, on the other hand, still has it in pre-order, but lists tomorrow as the release date. Interestingly enough, when the pre-order process was started, the set launch date was April 24.

According to GTV Source, the device is also coming to TigerDirect and Microcenter soon enough. On a different note, while Asus has the Cube available, Sony has recently received Wi-Fi certification for its successor to the NSZ-G7 Google TV device.

Does the Asus Cube look tempting to you? Do you plan on getting one?

Bogdan Bele
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