Last week during the Google I/O developer extravangza, the first major update to Google’s Android 3.1 Honeycomb platform was made known to the public and it is progressing bit by bit as an over-the-air update to mobile broadband-supported Motorola Xoom tablets.

Google was ambiguous regarding when we could expect Android 3.1 updates on other Honeycomb tablet, but that has just changed. Just as of late, there are many reports that the update is now available for the Acer Iconia A500 as well as the Asus EeePad Transformer. Also, there is also speculations that T-Mobile will also have an update with their G-Slate too. It is nice to know that Google is getting these important updates out of the gate quickly, and will surely result in a more pleasant experience for early adopters.

Some very prominent Critics have even gone onto suggest that Honeycomb 3.1 has the makings of a serious iPad killer

In fact, initial reviews of Android 3.1 have been immensely positive, with it fixing a significant number of issues. Flash apparently is near rock solid now, and runs flawlessly with no hiccups. Further to that, browsing is also substantially more fluid, and the new ability to resize a large number of apps to the size desired by the user have taken the experience to a better level. These are a few of the many, but this prompt update from the boys at Android, and the fact that it was rolled out to a few different devices in a short period of time, bodes well for Honeycomb and for us – the users!

Nonetheless, the details are still unclear. Based on a post on ThisIsMyNext and Engadget, Asus Italia used its Facebook page to disclose an over-the-air update was coming in June. Also, Acer declared that an update is coming in June. At this point in time, we really do not know exactly when in June the update will come and if tablets in the US will have the update like any other tablets in other regions.

We look forward to seeing how it performs on a wide variety of Android tablets soon.

June is going to be an amazing month for Android. Asus will have ramped up its Eee Pad Transformer supplies, and will be getting into the hands of eager Honeycomb adopters, and hopefully with a Honeycomb 3.1 experience on board. Plus, it’s looking like the Motorola DROID 3, and the Samsung Galaxy S II, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 are all going to be available then too. Android, oh Android, won’t you ever take a break? Let’s hope not. Any of these particular devices get your blood flowing?

Source: Yahoo News

Image credit: LaptopMap