Astri, as yet an unknown company, are attempting to break into the eReader market with a dual screen Android based device. I cannot be certain, but the logo on this device looks to be the same as that used by ‘Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Limited’ in Hong Kong. Check it out yourself here. There are a few appealing sides to the Astri MID (n.b. ‘My Interactive Device’) such as the pocket size and the fact that both screens are touchscreen enabled. One of the screens runs Android and is a LCD touchscreen measuring 4.8-inches in size. The other is a 5-inch e-ink Wacom-enabled touchscreen is designed for reading and note taking.

The device follows the launch of the Nook by Barnes and Noble and Alex by Spring Design. Both of these devices are more polished and presentable than the Astri counterpart. Furthermore, they are both in the public lime light at the moment while Astri remain a mystery. We are not sold on this eReader, but any Android device is interesting to us so we’ll keep you posted.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.