Wired just reported: “For the Army, Droid does, all right.”

“The Army wants every soldier to carry a smartphone to stay networked. It doesn’t yet have a program for that, having spent the last year working through the implications of what it might mean to have such a system — like, for instance, what operating system would power it. An initial answer: Google’s Android.”

Most recently, a prototype has been developed by a nonprofit named MITRE for use by the Army. It’s called the Joint Battle Command-Platform, and it sounds bad ass. The aim is to provide a platform for application development for military purposes.

The amount of sensors and technology that can be crammed into this latest generation of smartphones is getting the attention of military’s all around the world. While there are certainly still a lot of questions that need to be answered about the Army’s smartphone initiatives, especially from a security standpoint – we do know that these devices could be of real use on the battlefield. We do know however that the likely manufacturer of battle ready devices will most likely be Motorola – for they already have significant experience making products with industrial application, and have even made a consumer available near bulletproof device – the Motorola Defy.

Either way, count this as a big plus for Android. It shows that the Army has faith in the underlying security architecture of Android itself, and we will likely see some sort of collaboration between the Defense Industry and the engineers and developers at Google to make the devices battle ready. We can also see it being likely that the developers of future versions of Android will bring this newly gained expertise to the platform itself, further bolstering an already wonderful foundation.

Is this good for Android?

Via: Wired
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