ARMA Tactics
Now that the wow behind the world’s first Tegra 4-powered Android gaming console from NVIDIA, codenamed Project Shield, has already died down quite a bit since the day it was first announced, it’s time to talk games. After all, in the world of gaming, a console is only really as successful as the quality — and quantity — of available titles for it allows it to be. Is there anything really worth looking forward to for NVIDIA’s Project Shield yet?

As a matter of fact, there is. Game developer Bohemia Interactive is said to be currently hard at work making a new squad-based tactics game for NVIDIA’s handheld console, and it’s called Arma Tactics. It’s a military-themed game where players take control of a four-member Special Forces squad and the objective is to complete a number of missions as part of an overall storyline. The enemy forces will be composed of local militia and your usual guns-for-hire.

While the idea for a military-themed squad game like Arma Tactics is not new in the slightest, it would be interesting to see how its creators plan to make it take advantage of NVIDIA Project Shield-exclusive technology. Namely, support for the powerful Tegra 4 processing chip as well as gaming across multiple screens. Multiscreen gaming support in particular, is said to be in the cards.

If you think Arma Tactics sounds exciting, then watch for it to drop some time in Q2 2013. It’s one of a few games specified by NVIDIA itself as headed for Project Shield, and it will be made available for download through the TegraZone portal when it finally gets relesaed.

David Gonzales

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