Archos Smart Home Small

Archos is going all out for CES 2014 with a new range of smart home devices, a new tablet, some new scales, and a slew of “Pebble-like” smartwatches that promise to be some of the cheapest in the category.

Perhaps the most exciting announcement from Archos at CES was buried at the bottom of the press release with few details. At the trade show the budget-friendly manufacturer will release a full like of smartwatches that feature a “Pebble-like design.” The new smartwatches will start at under £50 (about $82), and will work with both Android and iOS devices. Sadly, Archos didn’t provide any more details or images for the new wearable devices.


Archos did give a few details about its new Smart Home devices that will debut at CES 2014. The new system includes a miniature camera, motion ball, weather tag, and smart plug, all of which link to the same system. Users can control the whole Archos Smart Home system via their respective Android and iOS apps. The system also ties deeply into the new 7-inch Smart Home Android tablet from the manufacturer.

Also coming from Archos at CES is a new set of scales that will measure body shape, weight, and body fat mass. The new scales will sync with a new Archos fitness tracker that will track steps taken, calories burned, and other such metrics that every other fitness tracker measures.

All of these new Archos devices will come out sometime in 2014. The company is known for its inexpensive yet well built technology, so expect all of these to be a bit cheaper than competitor devices. Pebble, arguably the best smartwatch at the moment, costs $150, and Archos will undercut that by a significant margin. While Archos watches might not be as good as the Pebble, they can’t be much worse than the Samsung Galaxy Gear, right? It’s too early to say.

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Are you looking forward to a range of cheaper smartwatches? Will you keep your eyes out for this one? What are your thoughts on Archos?