Archos video player

If there’s anything notable about Archos beyond its lineup of tablets with lukewarm reception, it’s the incredible video player the French company released for Android.

Launched in December, the app provides a complete multimedia experience and is the standalone equivalent of the one that comes pre-bundled with Archos tablets. But even though it received universal acclaim from both critics and users alike since launch, only a few have taken advantage of the video player since it is priced at $4.99, arguably a rather hefty charge when considering the pricing norm in the Google Play Store.

Perhaps in its effort to compete with the hordes of other video players on Android, Archos is now offering another version that is free to download and supported by ads. This is also a good opportunity for users to try the player without spending a cent. The free version is essentially the same, touting all the amazing features that its premium counterpart provides: hardware accelerated video decoding support, playback of content from any computer and network storage in the local network, keyboard and remote control compatibility, and more.

Both the free and paid versions require Android 4.0.3 and up and about 7MB free space to be installed. If you can manage to ignore the ads, then you really don’t have to bother buying the paid app. Why not spend your money on some awesome games instead?

Conan Hughes
Contributor at Android Authority covering all things Android.