Mobile phones aren’t the only smart ones anymore. Archos, the French consumer electronics manufacturer, has come up with a new line of home phones that run on the Android operating system. The Smart Home Phone and the Home Connect are handsets that are based on the Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) standard and practically function just like most of the Android mobile phones available today. Except that they’re not carried around in the pocket; they’re left on the dresser or the coffee table back at home.

The Smart Home Phone can connect through any ADSL or basic phone line. Its wireless receiver and charger base are actually two separate items, a configuration that bypasses the necessity to set up the charger next to the phone box. Because it’s powered by Android, the user gets the same sleek interface on its 3.5 inch touchscreen and the features found in most Android mobile phones – caller ID, photos, MP3 ringtones, and web surfing. This home phone has a built-in 720p webcam that allows for high-definition video chatting. Just like any Android phone, the user can also download and install apps in the Smart Home Phone. Its retail price is $160.

The Home Connect on the other hand is like the offspring of a tablet PC and a typical clock radio. It does all that the clock radio does and more, because it provides information such as time, daily weather and traffic from the net through WiFi. Through its native TuneIn app, the user can access numerous web radio stations. It can be controlled remotely from a user’s Android mobile phone through Archos’ Remote Control app. Just like the Smart Home Phone, the display is a 3.5 inch touchscreen and it also sports a front webcam that enables video chatting. Its listed retail price is $150.

Via gizmodo