Archos is in the midst of preparing four new phones for the European market. Those devices, ranging from a very basic offering dubbed the Carbon 35 to the top-end Platinum 48, provide an offering from Archos at just about every price point, and to suit a variety of needs.

A chart from Mini Machines is below, and upon closer inspection… the devices really aren’t bad. All are dual SIM, all have Android Ice Cream Sandwich or better, and are available very soon. Only the flagship Platinum 48 is listed as being available in May, with the other three (Carbon 35, Titanium 4, and Titanium 52) showing availability this month. The devices have already started popping up in some online shops.

Starting at around €80, and ranging to about €240, the phones are appropriately priced. Even the top-end Platinum device won’t top any “best” lists, but that’s not to say it’s a poor offering. The devices have nice specs, and are aptly priced. These will be a solid offering for the European market, and the availability dates outpace a few offerings from other manufacturers. These four phones should find their way into many pockets, without emptying them too much in the process.