have caught news that Archos may have two new tablet devices running Android ready to show off at CeBIT this year. The original quote is in German and translates along the lines of “Archos will introduce two brand new, good value Android Tablets that are specially designed for use in the home.

“…wird ARCHOS zwei brandneue kostengünstige Android Tablets, die speziell für den Gebrauch zu Hause designt wurden, vorstellen.”

Unfortunately there were no more interesting tidbits to tie us over until CeBIT. However, reading in-between the lines would suggest that this does mean we will probably not find a 3G enabled tablet from Archos at CeBIT this year. After all, any device aimed at the home will assume a WiFi connection is present. It is quite possible one of the two devices set for announcement is the Archos 7 but we do not currently wish to speculate on the other. Unless of course it is a ‘Archos 9’ device beating Apple to the punch…

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.