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Archos G10 tablet with slimmer design to be unveiled in three weeks

August 2, 2012

Archos been manufacturing MIDs/tablets even before Apple announced the iPad. But they’ve always been more about low-end to mid-end devices, than about making gadgets that actually look and feel premium. It looks like that’s about to change with Archos’ Gen 10 tablets, which look like they were made to compete in the high-end market, hopefully for a lower price.

A few months back we got a glimpse of the Archos G10 XS, which is meant to be a competitor to the Transformer series from Asus. That seems like a good move, as I think there’s a lot of room on the market for hybrid devices that are not too expensive, and run much better than Windows 7 netbooks.

As an added benefit, tablets fitted with keyboard docks usually have a much longer battery life than netbooks. Asus Transformer devices can typically claim over 15-18 hours of use, a performance that is buoyed by the extra battery found in the dock. We don’t know if Archos plans to put a battery in the dock as well, but judging from its thickness , I’d say it includes a battery.

The Archos G10 tablet that you can see in the first image (teased on Facebook) of this post is supposed to be unveiled in 3 weeks, and it might not be the same G10 XS device. I expect the device to arrive with ICS, not Jelly Bean, and probably a Tegra 3 chip.