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Archos ChildPad gets upgraded with capacitive touchscreen, now costs $140

August 4, 2012
Archos ChildPad

Archos is a well-known maker of affordable tablets, no matter if we think about the high-end ones, like the G10 series that should arrive in the next weeks, or the less endowed ones like the kids-friendly ChildPad.

The ChildPad was launched in late May, and Archos marketed it squarely at the parents that want to offer their kids a fun, safe, and cheap multimedia tablet. The French tablet maker acknowledged that there is a market for such gizmos, and came up with a device that is cute and attractive for children, yet smart enough to give parents the peace of mind that kids can’t access any unsuitable material or rack up huge credit card bills through in-app purchases.

The ChildPad cost $130 at launch, and came with a single-core 1GHz Cortex A8 processor, 1GB or RAM, and a 7-inch resistive LCD touchscreen of 800 X 480 resolution. Not an impressive feature set by any means, but still enough to satisfy the demands of any cartoon-crazed kid.

Now Archos has announced a slight upgrade to the ChildPad, one that might ruffle the feathers of the earl adopters of the diminutive slate. The new model now comes with a better, capacitive touchscreen, which will enable multitouch and provide a smoother interaction with the gadget. The improvement comes with a small price hike, as the ChildPad will cost $10 more going forward.

Capacitive touchscreens are superior to resistive displays because they detect touches far more accurately, without forcing the user to apply any force to the display. I think the upgrade is welcome, especially when you consider the target audience of the device.

The ChildPad is available online from, for $140. Will you buy one for your kids?