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Archos ChefPad is a tablet for cooking enthusiasts

The latest addition to Archos' range of themed tablets is called the Archos ChefPad and it's aimed at cooking enthusiasts. Find out the details in the rest of the article.
May 14, 2013
archos chefpad

The Archos ChefPad is a tablet aimed at chefs or cooking enthusiasts, and it looks like it has all it needs to ensure that you have the best cooking experience.

Archos is no stranger to niche tablets (you may remember the Archos ChildPad or the Archos FamilyPad), but you have to admit that a tablet designed for cooking does sound a bit strange. On the other hand, the Archos ChefPad, set for a June release, looks like it has all it needs to be very useful next to the cutting board in your kitchen.

If you only see it as a regular tablet, you probably could find enough similar devices. It has a dual-core A9 1.6GHz CPU, a quad-core Mali 400 MP4 GPU and 1GB of RAM memory, as well as 8GB of internal memory, expandable via microSD slot. The screen is a 9.7-inch one, at a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, and the device runs an unskinned version of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

It also has front and back 2-megapixel cameras, so you can take pictures of your dishes and send them to friends.

However, what makes it interesting are the features designed to help you while cooking. They start with a silicone case – a very good idea, since the kitchen is a pretty spill-prone area – as well as a stand, so you can check out the recipe (or cooking TV show) while you’re making that great food.

The other interesting part is called Chef Apps Selection, essentially a filter for Google Play apps, designed to find for you the best apps for your cooking needs (you can also get some great cooking apps ideas here). Archos says in the press release that these come from “categories like recipes, drinks, shopping, cooking TV and more.”

As far as pricing goes, you should know that the Archos ChefPad will have a suggested retail price of £149.99 (around $232) on the Archos site.

In the same press release, the company’s CEO, Loïc Poirier, promises that this is not the last themed tablet from the company, as more of them, also curating apps in various categories, are on the way.

Would you be interested in buying such a tablet?


ARCHOS Unveils the ChefPad, a Tablet for the cooking enthusiast

A fully Google certified tablet, the ChefPad features a unique Chef Apps Zone, HD 1080p video playback, front and back cameras, Android 4.1, a fast dual-core 1.6 GHz CPU

London, UK – May 13th, 2013 – ARCHOS, a pioneer in AndroidTM devices, is pleased to announce the ChefPad, a tablet designed for cooking enthusiasts. This specially designed cooking assistant made for both the kitchen and personal entertainment, is loaded with features like a powerful dual-core 1.6 GHz processor, quad-core Graphics processor, front and back cameras for sharing your latest culinary creations, 1080p video playback and a direct access to thousands of apps, videos, and music to cook by through Google Play.

The 9.7” ChefPad powered by Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean” will be available starting in June 2013 for £149.99 MSRP at

Exclusive to the ChefPad is the Chef Apps Selection, where aspiring Chefs can discover a selection of the best cooking apps ranging from recipes, cooking tips and cooking TV to cooking assistant apps. This exclusive app program curates the best of all apps from Google Play in any specified category making it easier for the end user to find the right content.

“The ChefPad is the first ARCHOS tablet to use this filtering technology,” says Loïc Poirier, CEO of ARCHOS. “This is just the beginning for ARCHOS tablets using this technology; we will continue to launch new and exciting themed tablets that curate apps in such categories as kids apps, games, educational apps, business/productivity apps and more.”

Key ChefPad Features:

Chef Apps – Filters through thousands of apps to provide the best cooking content in a range of categories including recipes, drinks, shopping, cooking TV and more. Whether you are looking for dinner ideas, a good wine match, a balanced meal plan, a smoothie recipe or just for music to listen to while cooking, Chef Apps gets it done

Let’s Get Cooking – Designed for the kitchen, the ChefPad features a silicone case that will keep it safe from water or food splashes and is easy to clean. In addition, it includes an adjustable stand for the best viewing angle while cooking

Android™ 4.1 Jelly Bean – Powered by an unskinned version of Android™ 4.1 ‘Jelly Bean’, the ChefPad delivers an optimized and super-smooth Android™ experience

Google Certified – Whether among the pre-installed apps or among the thousands of downloadable apps on Google Play, the ChefPad features all the applications that matter: HD video player, email, web browsing, news, games, eBooks, weather forecast and more.

Powerful Hardware – Equipped with a dual-core CPU @ 1.6 GHz combined with a quad-core GPU & 1GB of RAM, the ChefPad delivers on both function and performance

Other Key Specs:

o 9.7” 1024×768 capacitive screen

o 8GB Capacity with expandable MicroSD slot

o 2 Megapixel Front and Back Cameras

o WiFi

o 1080p HD Video Playback

o Mini HDMI

Whether one is an aspiring Chef or just learning to cook, the ChefPad provides the ultimate cooking assistant while being a tablet you can use for all your personal entertainment needs. For more information about the ChefPad and other ARCHOS products visit