archos-5-android-rm-eng-600When Archos announced its new lineup of Android-powered Internet Tablets, an affordable 8GB model was included in the press release. Much to the chagrin of  penny-pinching Android fans, this mysterious 8GB version has not been available through any retail channels. Good news for those thrifty geeks amongst us, though, as the 8GB version of the Archos Internet Tablet has finally made its debut! Chris King over at Pocketables stumbled upon the 8GB version in a Radio Shack holiday sales flyer.

Available both online and in Radio Shack stores, the Archos 5 8GB will set you back a very wallet friendly $249. Couple this Internet Tablet with a 16GB microSD card and you will have yourself a very capable, Android-powered portable device.

[via Pocketables]