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Save money while going green with Arcadia Power

A free Arcadia Power account connects you to clean energy and help you spend less on your power bill.
October 30, 2019
Arcadia Power Smartphone

Winter is coming, meaning your energy bills are likely to start rising. Not only can your wallet feel the strain, but there’s also the hot-button issue of the climate to consider. You might be concerned that your local utility isn’t supporting renewable sources instead of fossil fuels.

Enter Arcadia Power, a free platform that allows you to actually contribute to the fight for clean power while watching your monthly energy costs drop.

When you sign up, you’ll link your local utility account. Arcadia Power will then seek out solar and wind projects near you, buying renewable energy certificates in your name. Using the collective might of its 300,000 member network, Arcadia Power negotiates lower energy rates in states with open energy markets, while matching your monthly usage with clean energy.

Watch your carbon footprint shrink month after month.

Each month, you can monitor your energy bill via the handy Android app, as well as seeing the amount of clean energy purchased on your behalf. And while you watch your carbon footprint shrink month after month, Arcadia Power stays vigilant, checking your area for cost-saving programs and energy-efficient fixes like smart home tech that can actually lower your bill.

Arcadia Power is committed to making clean energy work for the planet and your bank account. To prove it, new members will receive a $20 Amazon gift card when you open your free account.

Hit the button below to learn more and get started for free.

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