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Lots of ink has been spilled over the merits and drawbacks of ever-thinning smartphone screen bezels. Regardless which side you take, you’ll probably agree that the Aquos Crystal is a sight to behold.

Made by Sharp and part of the winter lineup of Japanese carrier Softbank (the owner of Sprint in the US), the new Aquos Crystal is pushing the physical envelope of smartphone design with a “frame-less” design that’s almost all screen. There’s still a large chin at the bottom for things like front-facing camera and microphone (and some crucial electronics inside), but the other three sides feature amazingly thin bezels. And, with further component miniaturization, we can expect that chin to go away in the future, for a truly futuristic-looking piece of technology.

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We’ve seen phones with thin bezels in the past (they are a big thing in Japan), but the Aquos Crystal is in a class of its own. The device will come in two versions, one with a 5-inch HD screen and the other one, dubbed Crystal X, hitting 5.5-inch and Full HD. Like Sprint’s special edition of the HTC One (M8), both devices come with Harman Kardon sound enhancements. The 5-inch model will become available on August 29, while the higher-end model will hit shelves by December.

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The glass on top the device is beveled at the edges, which Sharp claims makes it work like a magnifying lens, enhancing the no-bezel effect. Of course, that exposed edge will also make the screen more fragile, but, hey, beauty comes at a cost.

Update: The Sharp Aquos Crystal will likely be launched in the US by Sprint tomorrow!

Sadly, this type of design never made it out of Japan. I’d sure love to handle one myself. LG, you love your thin bezels, are you listening?

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