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Apsalar sheds some light on regional smartphone market shares, outcomes are rather surprising

Apsalar has released data organizing smartphone market share according to region. iOS is currently dominating the northeast and west coast, while Android is currently dominating the southeast.
September 24, 2012

Apsalar, a mobile analytics company, has just released some pretty interesting information. They took the current U.S. market share of smartphone operating systems and organized it by region. The results make us think that maybe, just maybe, the location of a person really does affect the type of smartphone they ultimately choose.

Generally speaking, the southeast heavily favored Android, while the northeast and west coast favored iOS. What was interesting is that in some states, it wasn’t even a contest. For example, Vermont, Hawaii, Maine, Alaska and New Hampshire were all overwhelming in favor of iOS. In addition, Virginia, Iowa, Washington D.C., Missouri and North Carolina were all heavily in favor of Android. This totalled out to be 32 states for iOS and only 18 states for Android.

Apsalar used a very specific method of determining which devices would be included in the study. They surveyed the 100 million devices that are currently activated in the U.S. In order to qualify, these devices had to have been used in the past six weeks.

Now, you may be scratching your head at these numbers. Why on earth is iOS claiming so many states when the current market share tells us that there is significantly more Android devices activated than iOS devices? This is because Apsalar tracks six iOS devices for every one Android device. This means that all of the activated Android devices in the US were not included in this study. In order to compensate for the bias, Apsalar supposedly adjusted its results.

While Apsalar isn’t currently tracking all active smartphones, it is slowly increasing its coverage. It is currently being funded by six different corporations totalling over $5.8 million. They are currently tracking over 275 million iOS and Android users worldwide. If all of this wasn’t enough, they are working directly with 1,000 developers that are using over 1,200 apps. This type of data clearly states that Apsalar knows what they are doing. It will be interesting to see the data once they get a higher percentage of Android users involved.