It’s April 1st, meaning that we all have to be extra careful about the “news” we share or – the horror – blog about. Here’s a roundup of pranks tech companies have been pulling this April Fool’s Day.

David Hasselhoff photobombs Google Plus pics

Google is adding some much needed Hoffsomeness to your portrait or group pics this April 1st. Just upload an image to Google Plus and David Hasselhoff himself may make a surprise appearance. More details here.

Sony crunchy loops

Sony’s crack team of boffins discovered a way to power your gadgets from your very own food. Just stick that USB cord in your cereal box and start juicing up.

Doge-themed resumes with one click

Speaking of auto awesome, Google conveniently lets you add a Pokemon or Doge theme to your otherwise super professional resume. Because we all need more Doge in our life. Check it out here.

Finally a kitty-friendly keyboard in Chrome OS

The Chrome OS team has heard you loud and clear. You asked for a cat-accessible keyboard, and now your feline companions can finally make use of it. Install the official Cat Keyboard extension here.

SwiftKey introduces swipe typing for real keyboards

Honestly, this looks pretty nice. I always wondered why laptop keyboards couldn’t borrow some of the smart features of virtual ones. With SwiftKey Flow Hard, swiping is the new typing.

O-lenses with retina sharing

Who needs gloves (wink, wink, nudge, nudge HTC and Samsung)? Oppo has O-lenses with “Interlocked neurotransmission between two or more users which allows a constant connection between several hippocampuses’. Share your memories directly using our groundbreaking Neurotooth® beaming technology”

Reddit Headdit

Why waste clicks upvoting and downvoting stuff on Reddit when you can do so with a simple grimace. Upnod, frownvote and navigate your way around Reddit, with the new Headdit.

Samsung’s pigeon-borne Wi-Fi

In London, Samsung is strapping routers onto pigeons and letting them loose in the city. They call it Fli-Fy. Get it?

Rebecca Black? Psy? You leave Britney alone? It was all Google

Gasp, we’ve been played all along. Google comes clean.

Waze Dates

Waze is great for staying on top of potential traffic jams, but now it can be a major help for your love life as well!

Chromecast isn’t just for people, Squirrels dig it too!

This little advertisement drives home the point that Chromecast brings the content your looking for right to you, without all the drama — this is equally true for squirrels apparently.

Google introduces Google Play Signature Edition apps

Wish you could relive the good old days of having to wait for your programs to arrive to you, and the joy that takes hold when you unbox an app for the first time? Then you’ll want to check out Signature Edition apps… except obviously they don’t really exist.

More important fake news coming throughout the day. Stay with us.