Android Authority Apps of the Week

We’ve put together some of the best apps we could find into one convenient, quick, video! Hope you enjoy our first in the series! Here are the apps that we are reviewing this week.


Oscura is a quirky platformer that will put you in the skin of an imp on a noble quest – to bring light to a world that only knows darkness. In the process, you’ll be confronted with flying spiked balls, huge cogs that are wont to crush you, and other pain inducing obstacles. The game art is reminiscing of the PC title Limbo, so, if you enjoyed that (or simply if you like your games dark and edgy), you’ll love Oscura.

Get Oscura now from Google Play for 99 cents.

Falcon Pro

One of the best Twitter clients in the Play Store, Falcon Pro impresses through its sleek appearance and intuitive interface. Swipe right, swipe left, tap – everything you need to cultivate your Twitter presence it’s right there, in a beautiful package.

Get Falcon Pro from Google Play for 99 cents.


The new RSS reader app Press has made a name for itself on iOS, and now it’s available on Android devices. Another app with a well thought, well-made design, Press lets you keep up with your internet world, pain free.

Get Press now from Google Play for $1.99.

Fun Run

Get ready to die, repeatedly. But worry not, dying is fun in Fun Run, a crazy multiplayer racer that pits you against fellow internet players. Jump your way to the finish line, but don’t forget to set traps for your hapless opponents. Quick, mindless fun. An aptly named game, indeed.

Get Fun Run now from Google Play for free.

Stay tuned for our next Apps of the Week. Meanwhile tell us, what’s your favorite app from the ones we’ve reviewed here?

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