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APPoint - Indie app of the day

Today's indie app of the day is APPoint. This app creates an app drawer that you can access from anywhere! It's lightweight and easy to use too!
September 21, 2014

What is APPoint

APPoint is an Android app that opens a floating window on any screen. Inside of that floating window is essentially an app drawer that is populated with apps that you choose. Using an app like this you can quickly switch apps no matter what is on your home screen which is great for multitasking.

Here’s how it works. There are two versions which are the trial version and the paid version. The trial version is limited to four applications while the paid version allows you far more. When you set up the app, you’ll put your favorite apps in using the plus symbol. Then a floating icon (much like Facebook’s chat heads) will be omnipresent. Simply tap on that and the window will open so you can access all of your applications.

It also comes with some customization features. You can change the color of the upper and lower banners to suit your theming needs. There are also four categories so you can organize your apps better including games, tools, apps, and system apps. You can also use the space to put toggles that let you turn off and on a variety of things like Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. You can also change the color of the floating icon to match your theme if you need to.

APPoint review
Overall it’s a solid app that does what it says it does. The paid version costs $1.89 which is very reasonable. There are some small issues here and there and the interface could use a little work. The bottom line is that this is a pretty decent app that is definitely worth checking out.