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Applorer offers new way to discover games on Google Play [Infographic inside]

Applorer attempts to make it easier to discover Android games by using a predictive system using social activity, gameplay and other information in making suggestions for new game downloads.
August 17, 2012

Games are very much a part of the Android experience as other features and apps. But while games have seen explosive growth in the Android ecosystem of late, the creators of Applorer say that discovery can be difficult, due to the fact that the top or featured games have longer shelf-life on Google Play’s featured page, and therefore gives newcomers lower chances of receiving some attention.

Applorer attempts to fix this by using a predictive system based on social activity, gameplay and other information, in making suggestions for new game downloads.

Applorer aims to solve these problems by going beyond the current “like / dislike” recommendation system, to develop a more accurate “predictive” system that suggests games based on users’ gameplay history, social activity and other data. This data will help us analyze patterns on what the consumer could possibly want to play next, so that we can recommend more relevant games to them.

The games listed are handpicked by an editorial team, and feature games change on a daily basis. Applorer also offers 20 categories to choose from, including RPG, tower defense, and the like.

Applorer’s editorial team uses various criteria in featuring apps, which includes download statistics, comments, and ratings from Google Play. Applorer has prepared an infographic showcasing the plight of Android games, and it’s quite interesting to see the dynamics at play: will Applorer be able to improve how users discover and install games?