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Applorer: Exploring and browsing the latest Android games

April 5, 2012

Are you a hardcore game fanatic who wants to be updated on all the latest cool Android games being released on the Web?  You might have experienced how tedious it is to search for Android games, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for, given that there are millions of Android games scattered all over the web. Don’t you worry because we have an app that will do all the hard work for you.

With Applorer, you have an Android app to help with easy browsing for the best Android games available in the Google Play Store. This app keeps you updated about all the trending games by providing you with game recommendations. You can also easily share to your friends all the fun stuff that you discover.

The Applorer app is, you guessed it, an app explorer that works like a customized browser for games.  This makes the app practically more of a game search engine.

The app provides you with recommendations which can be very handy if you want to stay updated about the latest game releases but don’t have all the time to browse for games. Of course, the app also lets you search for apps manually if you don’t find what you are looking for in the recommendations.

You can manage all the apps that you have downloaded using the app and if you want to make your days more exciting, the app can also give you a surprise game suggestion if you want to. The app will also make sure that you will always check it through notification alerts in your device. Aside from the functionality that it brings to you, the app also makes your game browsing more appealing with it’s nice and organized interface.

Using Applorer

Let me give you an idea on some of the details when you actually use the app. Upon launch, you will see the app’s homescreen from where you will find main tabs above the screen: New games, Top free, and Categories.

Hitting the New Games tab will give you the search result of all the games that have just arrived on the Google Play Store.  The Top Free tab gives you a list of free games and the Categories tab provides you with categories where you can start your game browsing. Some of the categories include arcade and action games, brain and puzzle games, cards and casino games, and casual and racing games.

When you tap an app from the search results, the app then gives you a short description of the game, a screenshot, and buttons to install, bookmark, share, and view related games. When you tap the install button, you are taken to the Google Play Store where you can download the game.

You will also find three buttons on the bottom of the screen: My Games, Surprise Me, and Facebook. If you tap the My Games button, it will show to you all the games that you have downloaded and bookmarked. The Surprise me button will give you random game suggestions. To share your games, the app also allows you to do so by tapping the Facebook button. The app will also notify you (if you want) if there are new games that you should try.

Applorer will surely make your day by providing you quality game browsing where you can find the best games in the Google Play Store.  Find the latest new games through the Applorer app, which you can download free from the Google Play Store.

What game discovery apps do you use to look for Android games?