Taking Applications to Market

Taking Applications to Market via VisionMobile

Visionmobile.com have written an interesting piece outlining the evolving economics that underpin the new ‘Application Market’ phenomena seen with Google’s Android Market. Their findings reveal that the time it takes for a developer to bring their application software to market and actually start selling has dropped by two-thirds!

The popularity of the application stores that have received so much hype of late is in large part thanks to Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android. Of course, developers for other platforms such as Symbian and Windows Mobile  have used application stores for some time now, but in truth the statistics reveal that less than 10% of WinMo developers use the application store as their primary route to market. On the flip side, around 90% of visionmobile.com survey respondents revealed that they use the Android Market as their primary channel of sales.

But how much credit can Google’s Android take for the influx of application developers and software items themselves? It is argued that it is not Android’s open-source nature that has encouraged this development. Indeed, visionmobile.com argue that it was the ‘app store markets’ themselves that caused the growth. For more information check out the full article here.

James Tromans

Contributing editor of AndroidAuthority.com, based in the U.K.